Friday, 5 November 2010

Quick Script and storyboard

Story Board and Script

Amended trailer Script

Changes made to the trailer after second pitch and tutor feedback...

At the beginning of the animation I have included a page from the bible and the librarian studying so the audience understand that the librarian is studying the bible. I have also included her getting tired and then climbs down...this as been amended as per meeting with tutors the beginning needed defining and the relationship of the book to the librarian and the relativity to the animation. As discussed previously the bible is vitally relevant as the librarian is a scribe (a person who studies book) and the scene is to establish that she studies this book spending most of her time doing this.

I reached a bit of a brick wall as I wanted to portray the character studied this book most of her life....How am I going to be able to let the audience understand this in a two minute clip! The quick method of doing this is by animating the lighting to night and day by the passing of time...night and day.....This will show you the length of time she studies. However to show years a calendar can be added with years passing to current date. Does this really matter? In the animation I just want to show that she has been studying for a long time and that she gets tired and makes her way down the lectern. So I just added a clock with hands animated to each hour to show time passing.


1st script for trailer


1) Leaf falling with slow piano music - 6 second - Fade out qtr of a sec.
2) Door slowly opens - Creaking - 2 Second - Blacks out 8th of a sec
3) Door closes - Slams - 1 Sec - Blacks out 8th of a sec
4) View of the lectern with the light through the window - evening shot - autumn amazing pinkie/orangey hue emphasising shadow - Power shot of lectern and book. Camera slowly pans to close up of book then get a glimpse of ink pot 3/4 seconds - Black out 8th of a sec.
5) Close up of Ink pot - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a second
6) Reaching over for the ink pot - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a sec
7) Shot of owl relaxed - 1 sec -Blacks out 8th of a sec
8) Shot of owl eyes widening - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a sec
9) Shot of owl Eyes wide open - alarmed! - 1 sec - Blacks out
10) Close up fingers on shelf - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a sec
11) Fingers slowly slide of the shelf the condensation from the grip of the fingers show the mark of her fingers slowly sliding as she loses grip. - Loosing grip - 3 sec. Blacks out 8th of a sec
12) Fingers loose grip - 1 sec - falls off - blacks out 8th of a sec
13) close up of face looking up scared from where she’s hanging on to the shelf - 1 sec - blacks out 8th of a sec.
14) Close up of face as it pans out into darkness - 1 sec - Blacks out 8th of a sec
15) Bottle smashes - 1 sec - blacks out 8th of a sec
Turn into doves the screen is black....3 seconds

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