Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Thumbnails for trailer

...Right...this is the last storyboard for the second pitch just before we break up for Christmas...
Was really pleased with the outcome...
Feedback from the tutors...
Make clear the relevance of the book and show time - librarian studying book everyday, a task that has been going for most of her life.

To Relate the book that the librarian is studying to the story....It was questioned the relevance of the book and it wasn't clear enough the purpose of it.
To amend this I have changed the script so that when the leaf falls through the window you get a mid-shot of the librarian actually studying the book then a close up shot of the page (includes a page of the bible with the relevant verse highlighted).
To show that the librarian studies this book everyday We will change the day turning to night continuously as she passing of time and space.

The Librarian will then look at her watch, yawn and stretches...closes the book to show bible then continue her way down the ladder of which she falls etc....

From meeting with Mike the script for the trailer has changed a bit so please see revised storyboard....
OK.....third time...more changes....finally my crazy vision resonated with Mike....Was a really positive meeting. From the script I created a quick animatic to show the mood, pace, story and style of the trailer. The mood has now changed from the original. The original story emphasised the monotonous routine of the librarian from her daily tasks of sweeping etc...her desire and commitment to her lifelong study of the bible is shown here. The pacing is slow to emphasis the feeling and mood of the character. In contrast the trailer is quick shots that just appear on the screen then blacks out with dramatic music, sound and imagery. Please see the script below. It emphasises suspense, drama and mood. Mike wanted the trailer to slow down and to be simplified. The end scene - (librarian sweeping and sighs, looks to the sky with lonely eyes.) This part was eventually taken out as it was not needed.

The added parts are the images that have major impact to the suspense and drama....for example..The close up of the fingers that slowly slide of the shelf 1 finger at a time...The dramatic eye shots in a Film Noir style.

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