Friday, 5 November 2010


Group: Leap of Faith

Director: Depa Masih
Character Model for librarian: Depa Masih
Character Model for Owl: Yemmi
Concept artist: Depa Masih
Environment modeling Inside room and outside: Nathan Van Hesteran
Animating Props: Secondary Animation: Nathan Van Hesteran and Depa Masih
Lighting: Depa Masih - Inside Room, Nathan Van Hesteran - Outside.
Animating Character: Alex Bax/Dalj
Animating: Dalj
Visual Effects: Diogo Esteve
Editing: Guys from VFX, Nath
Rigging Character: Clym
UV Mapping for Environments and props and Characters: Marios and Nathan
Rendering: Nath and myself


I would like to specialise in Concept illustration and 2D/3D Character modelling.
Character Modelling and all processes to completing the character from concept to final piece. Model/texture/muscle formations/topology/ Blend Shapes/
My aim for this term is to really grasp and understand modelling a character this will go towards my portfolio/Show reel of Character concepts 2D and 3D.
I will also be designing character concepts for other projects such as Davids Character.
I will be experimenting with different camera shots looking at other animations and experimenting ideas for my trailer. Such as establishing shots, reaction shots, inserts, cutaways, POVs for my trailer.
I also would like to experiment with different lighting techniques to get the right feel for the animation.


Following this email an individual email was sent to those working on the specialised areas of the aniamtion.Hi Marios

Job: UV texture artist for Inside and outside environment. Joint job with Nathan Van Hesteran

Marios please familiarise yourself with the blog and story. Textures and look are included. I would like the environment to have a tone of realism but generically stylised. The look is old and worn out with autumn colours. Inky and to look as if it was painted in ink..kinda sludgy looking. Please feel free to model and object such as a book or books on a bookshelf and experiment with the overall texture and look.
I would appreciate it if you could send me a mood board of the final agreed style and look. Experiment by all means.
Guys if we can have examples ready for when we present to the class would be awesome.
Awesome to have you on board.

Hi Alex

Job: Animator for character/Eccentric Librarian and owl.

Thank you for assiting with Leap of Faith. Please folow the blog.

Alex please familiarise yourself with the blog and story. And follow. The key action poses on the blog so please could you have a look and use a moom character to mimic the old eccentric librarian. Have a look at the story board that explains.

Please be aware of all the charcteristics such as hump back head heavy, rocking walk rather then bouncy etc. There is a lot of close up of facial poses such as shock, questioning, fed up, content, concentrating and fear. She has squinting eyes and big glasses.

Please could you have a demo animation of the character of the key shots ready to show for presentation. It would be great if you could have this done 2 weeks before hand in as lighting will need to be done.

It would be great to have you on board.


Hi Guys

Job: VFX for leap of faith bottle smashing ink turning into doves. and overall post production.

Thank you for assiting with Leap of Faith. Please folow the blog.

Leonard/Shu please familiarise yourself with the blog and story. And follow. the key area I need you to concentrate on is the Section where the refil bottle of ink falls from the shelf to the floor and smashes on the floor the ink explodes and turns into white doves.

This formation will need an old bottle to be modelled (please find attached a picture of what the bottle should look like).
The bottle is made of glass thus showing the ink inside.
The label clearly states refill Ink.
The bottle is also used in other parts of the animation so continuity is crucial.
The bottle falls in slow motion first of all birds eye view then looking up at the bottle from below.
The bottle breaks and the ink pours out and turns into doves as they fly up and around the librarian that is falling from the shelf. (please see storyboard)
The only example I can give is the Madonna frozen video where she turns into a black crow.

Post production stuff will also need to be done.

Please could you have a demo ready to show for presentation.

Awesome to have you guys on board.


Hi Yemi

Job: Modeller/texture/UV Mapping for Owl

Thank you for assiting with Leap of Faith. Please folow the blog.

Yemm please familiarise yourself with the blog and story.

The owl is pretty much designed (concept pages). Go ahead and start modelling....The owl will have open wings when she gets excitable so beaware of this when it comes to the rigging. the head moves from side to side not all the way round and blinks. So they are pretty much the key poses for Owly...

Please can you have the model ready before hand in so we can show the the characters...

We will deffenatly meet up but I just need a week to get the animatics done and start modelling.

Awesome to have you on board.


Hi Iredia

Job: 2D animation

Thank you for assiting with Leap of Faith.

Iredia please familiarise yourself with the blog and story. Follow my blog....

Basically I just need a short 2d animation of an autumn leaf slowly falling down. (Please see attachment). This is quite a key shot hun so I'll leave with you basically just want it in black and white and then eventually as it reaches the bottom in colour...but to tell you the truth we can probably do that in After Effects...The leaf can do a rhthmical dance as the howling wind moves it. The look is old and autumn colours with subdued colours.

Let me know how you get on to keep continuity.

Awesome to have you on bored.


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