Monday, 14 March 2011


Animation 2nd Pass

Ive composed the 2nd pass animation from Alex with blockout of first three shots and vfx shots as they are not completed. Hopefully a revised 2nd pass will be done this evening.

Revised Block out with changes

LeapofFaith shots05-20 First Pass may2011 from alexander Bax on Vimeo.

3D blockout for Leap of Faith animation. After seeing Dan on Thursday some shots need to be modified. Please see shots for leap of faith below to show changes to be made.
For this I will need from Nathan
A revised animation of the leaf entering the window from outside in one flow rather then 2 shots.
To add establishing shot of environment - still then camera rotates upwards just a little. and the shot of the owl to be seen from behind the librarian.
Vfx shots of the globules and doves coming out of the globules need to be shortened.
These revised shots need to be edited by Monday so I can put the shots together.

Ok...just sorting out block out by using models to mimic the animation for Leap of Faith.