Saturday, 30 April 2011

Modeling Tree and watch

Watch textured and in shot 10. I wanted an old classic type watch face to go with the design of the character. Classic and old school

Modelling the tree was quite a challenge as i wanted it quite twisted and knarly and twisted to add character and personality. UV mapping was rather interesting but for the sakes of the shot it wasn't required so a texture was placed with uv mapping.

To Clym for rigging

Please see below list of objectives for Clym for our character to be rigged.

Hi Clym

Project: Leap of faith Character

Just a couple of things………

Rotations and translations - upper body and lots of stretch and scale

Upper body to include translate rotations and scale rotate shoulders back and forth etc

Fingers single-control bends joints and stretch, as she will be gripping to the side of the lectern so tension in the fingers…Extreme close up of fingers here.

As she falls the gravity of the hair pulls the hair up not sure how youll do this if we can discuss.

Lots of eye movements…..move to the right and left up and down etc… stretch, Scale etc…

She shows…

Fear, sadness, shock, studying, questioning, etc…

Stretch on leg as she reaches her foot to the next step down…..this is exaggerated stretch.

Foot with joints to bend at toes and ankle, as she will be stepping on to the next step etc…

She stretches as she yawns exaggerated pose….eyes closed….hands curled….chest out etc…..

studying….eyes looking across etc….thinking…blinking…..

climbing DOWN…

Fingers hold on to side as she attempts to grab back on to the fingers and hand slide of one by one so quite detailed this shot…

Shes climbing down so the foot needs to be flexible…her leg stretches to the next step….lots of exaggeration…

Look of shock on face eyes wide open etc

This fall is going to be taken from various camera angles so main thing is hair….need to set the hair so it moves with the gravity of the fall….

Clymbo these are just some of the movements just so you can understand the moves I’m looking at…Hope this helps….let me know if you need any more info babes….

SHOTGUN Schedule and final year project managing.