Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Owl - Modeler Yemi

Owly Concept by Depa Masih Modelled UV Mapped and textured by Yemi

Final images of textured owl.

Owl..contd....working on the finer detail of the owl....think quilting....old looking...sewn on patches...bits of stitches that re visible....ole eclectic eccentric owl with geeky scientific professor style glasses...

Good work so far Yem..

Spectacles to be modeled.....for Yemi as reference....want it quite scientific looking...

Hi Yem

Please can I have a turn table animation of the owl so we can show at presentation - quick time movie
Please can I also have an animation of the librarian climbing up the ladder and it snapping as she looses her step and nearly falls but grabs onto the shelf (please see animatic.

much appreciated



Yemi Model with cleaned up topology and the start of wing formation. Looking good so far and the stomach is adjusted as discussed.

Yemi-3D Modeller

Yemi is modeling the owl. Emphasis the owl is eccentric and old hence the old fabrics, tweeds wools quilts. Stitches coming undone etc. The weight of the movement is old and much like a stuffed toy so slow heavy movements. The style and movement is stylised not realistic so it is important to get the topology and model right so it actually looks like a stuffed character. Eyes are heavy and blink slowly. One eye bigger then the other. Really good start on the model as it is beginning to take form quite nicely. look at the model as if someone has sewn it together. Key poses are...
  • sways side to side in excitement.

  • The wings can be perched at the back of the owl to look as if its pondering with body leaning forward and head down in thinking mode.

  • There is a close up of the eyes from calm to shock so the eyes get bigger.

  • Wing over one eye with head hidden in wing as he doesn't want to look at the devastation!
Really good start...

29th November....

Yemi increased the size of the body so that it is larger then then head...looks much much better...the weight is all on the base and the belly of the owl. I want the owl to depict a wise owl man that almost stands with his back straight arch of his back pushes the weight of the stomach out...the weight sits low on the stomach almost like there is weight...I want it to depict a beany weight is key...Waddles as he walks sways side to side. Nice one Yem.

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