Tuesday, 16 November 2010

2D leaf animation by Iredias

The scene of the leaf dancing in the breeze following camera shots to the main object is inspiration for the kind of effect I would like for my trailer. The leaf falls from the sky as the camera follows the leaf in to the shot from an Ariel perspective of the leaf following to the house through the window past the book on the lectern and to the story....

06th December

2D leaf on hold at mo...since the direction of the animatic has changed I want to be clearer of the style that I want Iredias to do...I love the style of this 2D leaf falling..I tink looking at it as it stands with regads to fitting it into the trailer...the 2D leaf will fall in dusky colour background resembling Autumn dusk...then the image of the house slowly appears as the the leaf falls around the house 3D. So at the moment the 2D leaf is cool...just need it to blend in to the style of the trailer....may need to take it into After effects to blend it in..

Good work so far Iredia.....

Iredia - 2D Animator

So far 2D animation of the leaf falling.

Had a meeting with Iredia to go through animation. This seen is going to open the animation. As per discussion of the leaf falling gently performing a rhythmical dance. slow and ghostly. Iredia just needs to slow it down from 4 to 6/8 secs. The leaf is to have pencil outline and colour is autumn but more diffused as if the colours wearing out. The look is faint and ghostly with the sound of ghostly wind with piano music as shown on blog under music.

Really good start as it shows that Iredia has really listened to the feel of this sequence.

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