Thursday, 18 November 2010

VFX for Diogo

Please find attached More info for the VFX ink ot smashing on the floor and ink turning into doves...

Please may I have a 3D animation test of what you have done so far for when we present it. This is a key part to the animation...this does not need to be finished but more of an example...

The VFX that you will be concentrating on will be the transformation of the black ink smashed on the floor then the black ink suddenly forms mounds that turn into white doves...I have given you some examples attached the kind of colour and is a magical ethereal look. Also have a look at Madonna frozen vid when she disperses in black crows...kind a similar thing....

The doves encircle the librarian as she falls and surround her like a whirlwind...then coral music or ethereal music closes the scene as the screen whitens out...

so in a nut shell..

  • ink splashes out as the bottle smashes on the ground.
  • black ink turns into white doves
  • the birds fly up and encircle the librarian as she is falling (like a whirlwind)
  • screen whitens as she is surrounded and protected by the doves the end.
Please be in this Monday and we can go through...really need something to show for presentation

Much Appreciated


CHANGES: The shots that were used in the block out were to long and needed to be shorted. The Dove releasing from the globules were acting as if they were hatching the shot needed to show the doves quickly shoot out from the globules to rescue the falling librarian.

April 2011
These images are taken from Diogos vfx scene for leap of faith to give feedback and to establish communication links with me.

Many meetings and skype/msn messaging has been conducted with getting the right feel for these shots.

From the script the 3 shots contain the highest vfx.
  1. Bottle smashes to the floor. The ink pot falls off the edge of the desk in slow motion towards the camera which is on the floor.
  1. The ink released from the smash on the floor turns into globules.
  1. From the black globules the doves break through and fly towards the librarian in an attempt to rescue her.

Many tests were conducted to establish the right look. From the test renders Too much smoke was added. This gave the environment a sombre grave yard feel. this was not the right effect. A little smoke could add to the ambience of the scene but the overall look is to look euphoric and enlightening!

Monday 6th December....

Spoke with Diogo hes cool with the job...going to try layering ink and doves....and trying particles to create whirlwind effect around the fallen librarian.....really exiting.....

Doves will be modeled by my good friend Yem..
Diogo will also be doing the ident for Leap of Faith...

Had a quick meeting with Shu and Leonerd. To have a test using basic models as an example.
by next Thursday - 25th November.
  • Shu and Leonerd are no longer working on this job due to other commitments. Diogo has now been appointed as my VFX and grading guy........

    Touched base with Diogo on Monday to go through exactly what is needed from him for the Trailer.
    To do the special effects from when the ink pot drops to the floor and shatters ( using ruins) black ink to convert to white doves. Ghostly and euphoric in style please see examples...

  • Camera shot.....bottle tipping over the edge of the pot falling first camera looking up at the bottle the camera change to top as the pot falls to the ground and shatters in slow motion. The ink splashes out and then from the ink lumps appear and they form into dove shapes then eventually they come out of the transforms into looks up and lots of doves fly and covered forming a whirlwind around the librarian as she is falling....the screen whites out.......

In this clip of kingdom hearts there is a scene where the character is sinking in the water - an euphoric look and a clip where the doves swarm around this is the kind of style I'm after. and colour. Needs to be a bit more ghostly and euphoric.

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