Tuesday, 28 September 2010

inspired illustrators

Jainai Jeffries
I love the style of these illustrations the sludgy watercolour effect is the style I would like for my animation. Zen king of pirate gods.
Scai 9 year old tom boy has a pirate god as a freind.

Abigail Larson ink colour effect

Jainai Jeffries Tokeil

Daniel Crosier
Interesting.....Daniels Crosier experiments drawing on wood.......

Isabella and the pot of Basil is a painting by William Holman Hunt depicting a scene from John Keats poem of the same name. It depicts the heroine Isabella caressing the basil pot in which she had buried her murdered lover Lorenzos severed head. The emphasis on sensuality, rich colours and elaborate decorative objects reflects the growing aesthetic movement. I love the lighting in the shot emphasising shadow to give a sinister feel.

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917) was born in Rome before studying painting in London. He was famous for his depictions of mythological female characters. I love the feeling portrayed in the characters the personality and composition. I love the composition of this painting. Looking as a spectator. Drawing you to look down at the body on the floor. The chaoticness of this painting is somewhat peaceful with the soft subdued pastel colours and the scattered pigeons.

I love the mood of this painting the composition draws you in to the suspicious women. The women on the floor in pastels and the lady that draws your attention in black making her stand out even more. I love the facial expression that she holds and the creeping posture that she holds which makes you feel that she is not sure or scared of something to appear.

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