Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I created the bottle by using the CV curve tool and revolving. I then converted to polys so I could use shatter effect.

Outliner to view all the attributes. Default crack shatter type.

default solid shatter that I used. I changed the shards to 20 and post operation to rigid body collision off and ticked link to shards.
Default shatter type

I used the velocity and the collision to -1 so that it had impact on the ground. you can turn the shatter on or off.

Brief Overview

I will model a simple object such as a bowl or glass that contains water. I will experiment with different shatter effects and water dynamics in Maya. This is to increase my Knowledge and experiment with dynamics - to be used in the animation when the ink bottles falls of the shelf and shatters on the ground. I will be looking at different techniques to find the right effect for the bottle.

I haven't used shatter effects before so it took time to establish the kind of look i wanted.

Things too consider...
  • Bottle is dense...base is thick glass so when shattering the base would not shatter into lots of pieces.
  • restrict the bounce by modifying the gravity as glass has solid impact to the ground. Hit floor and smash not bounce
  • Return of shards after impact.
Originally the bottle didn't make contact with the floor so I grabbed the floor and inside the rigid body node changed collision layer to -1. However once the glass hit the surface the shards flew of into the air so i reset the gravity. I changed the velocity in the z axis to allow movement change the dampening and the bounce.

I created a bottle using the curve tool and used the revolve tool. I then increased the number of shards to the required amount and switched on triangulate surface and applied interior material and linked it to the original surface created shards by increasing the and changed the...checked shards in outline. created passive rigid body floor and then controlled the shatter in the attribute editor. I then added a field of gravity and to the object to get the right kind of effect. I then key framed....

turned the collision layer to -1 to hit floor...There was to much bounce in the effect so I then added gravity to get a more solid impact on the ground. played around with the rigid bodies

  1. Water Spill
  2. Shatter

Even though the technique is relatively simple I spent time experimenting with the different shatter tools within this dynamic. The shot is no longer then 3-4 seconds so just needed the glass to shatter. After discussing the things I will be doing within this project there were concerns by the tutor that I might be doing to much within a field that perhaps someone else could do. Diogo is now my VFX artist so he will be creating the shatter and the liquid to turn into doves as I have to finish the script, animatic, character concepts etc mostly in the artistic folder. However, I wanted to try this out as I would like to create an ident for Leap of faith that shatters.


This was a good tutorial but I had problems with trying to install the plug in.
I really wanted to try ruins Plug in but again had problems installing the plug in as my comp did not support the technology. Ruins is a shatter plug in. simulation performance it supports NVIDIA PHYSX and CUDA acceleration technologies. It provides two force fields to drive the rigid body. maya was not compatible. theoretically as this only appears briefly in the trailer it is not needed that the shatter should be so realistic as it is going to change according to the style of the ink forming into doves.

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