Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My Idea - Story and understanding - thumbnail sketches

The story and script has know changed Please see revised thumb nails and script later in this blog....

Leap of Faith thumb nail sketches.

Before a downfall the heart is haughty but humility comes before honour. Proverbs 18:12


An old eccentric librarian, miniature in size. has a spiritual encounter from a leap of faith. Its a typical Autumn day the Librarian sweeps the leaves off her path outside and goes back inside to continue writing her book until she runs out of ink.......her life suddenly changes as she begins her spiritual journey.

Autumn leaves swirling in the the camera zooms out one begins to form the picture of the old lady sweeping the path to her house.

She turns around satisfied with the clearing then walks up the path to her house.

Close up of the door nob as she turns the handle and opens the door.

She walks up the stairs old and rickerty with creaking sound.

She closes the door

Old building with the sunlight coming through the window. As the camera slowly pans round the room you see old wooden shelves crammed with books and bottles and melted candles etc...(pretty much like my room).

Stands a really tall pew in the centre of the room of which the old lady has to climb up a tall old rickety ladder on the side to climb up to the pew(desk)

The old lady starts climbing the ladder to get to the desk which lies her book. The camera follows the old laddies shoes as she climbs the old rickety ladder.

As she climbs and sits onto her stool.

She looks at the book and prepares to write in it. Adjustment of her glasses and wiggles in chair to get comfortable. Blows a strand of hair to get out of her face.

She Starts writing and realises that she has run out of ink. She gives the pen a shake camera views the ink pot with no ink.

The camera pans to the shelf showing the ink jar full of black ink.

The old lady looks over to the ink pot and itches whilst thoughtfully considers what to do. She then looks down to the floor as she has to walk all the way down again.

As she looks to the floor the camera zooms from where she is perched to the floor then back again in quick succession dramatically depicting the distance to the floor.

She puts the pen in her mouth then tries to reach over to the ink jar.....the shelf is quite close and she considers reaching over to grab the ink jar. She's just that bit to far.....she leans over this time tilting her chair as she does so.....still can't reach.....reaches a little bit more rocking the chair a bit more........just a little bit more....she rocks chair to much and then falls of the chair!.......

She rocks to much causing her to slip of the chair she grabs onto the shelf! Birds eye view of looking down at the librarian as she is hanging off the shelf for dear life.

She looks down and the camera zooms to the floor grasping the distance which she could fall

From the floor to where the librarian hangs showing her dangling legs. She slowly creeps along the shelf knocking things over. She knocks the ink pot over. Thus looses her grip and falls with the ink pot.

Ink pot and the librarian fall in slow motion the camera zooms and pans with the pot as if you where just under it

Pot falls to the floor first smashes in slow motion

The black ink turns into lots of white doves as they fly up and wraps around the librarian...screen whites out...

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