Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Characters -Eccentric Librarian and Owly

Old Eccentric Owl
Old Eccentric Librarian

Old eccentric Librarian

An old lady supporting big reading glasses that rest half way down her nose. She has a pointy nose and squinting eyes. she has grey black bobbed hair very straight and non de-script. She walks slowly with a hunch back, has thin legs and wears below the new white cotton socks that sag due to lack of elasticity. She wears a cardigan over a shirt that has rounded scalloped collars. . A thin belt supports her waist. She has largish hands and feet. knobbly in appearance. Her daily routine is to sit at the top of an extremely tall pew finishing her book.

I chose a librarian for this character because I would love to be one...being surrounded by books would be my ideal environment as I love studying. A librarian is a professional trained in library and information science, which is the organization and management of information services or materials for those with information needs. This character is a depiction of a scribe - A proffesional person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession. One would think that this organised character would have a well organised, structured and routine based lifestyle where everything is organised and meticulously calculated. When you enter her room it is full of objects that are part of her life and comforts. Endless books organised in a disorderly fashion...bottle...candles...etc... This clutter of existence is where she can just be herself. She knows where everything is even if it appears cluttered and messy. It shows you that her time is focused on her one main role in life to write the book...This is why it is represented as some high pillar of a thrown because she is above all the clutter and she only concentrates on this book as it is such an effort to get to the top...even more so as she is getting older. Her grace is transformed to an old women of wisdom depicted not by what she says (as there is no dialogue) but the way she acts. Just by her appearance and actions. She ponders before she makes a decision and calculating thoughts are seen in her facial expressions before she makes a decision.


Old eccentric owl perched on the side head turns right round....makes a hooting sound when something is wrong. Speaks as the librarians conscious.

Read an interesting article about the Wise Old Owl Myth...Interesting why are we so fascinated with owls. Are owls really smart....The owl isn't really a wise bird at all. The owl has a small brain in comparison to its size. Other birds such as crows, ravens and geese are much smarter than owls.

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