Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Inspiration/Mood Board-Environment Inside room

Lots and lots of old books...the room is to look cluttered with lots of things...floor is made of wide oak slabs winw pine needles scattered around it...melted candles, barrells, old pots, canvasses, oil borner, owl, owl stand etc (please see list below)

I like the mood of this painting.
warm and dark.
The study room is to look like an old study room full of books and bottles, canvasses and lots of clutter.
Oil burner

Books slanted straight, and laying down on its face with bottles sitting infront. cluttered....

Books with bottles etc.

Pine needles to be inside the study room as well as outside

Photos taken outside the path full of acorns and storks.....i would like this displayed and scattered on the floor inside the room

Old Bottles around the room. on shelves. Wine bottles opened, closed on floor. stand prominant in the room infront of the window with a tall ladder to ge to it.
    Objects to model inside the room
    lectern, Owl, Bottles, Canvasses, Apples, Candles, Small storage, Barrel's, Books, Wooden Shelves, Owl stand, Ink pot, Open book, Old kettle, Rope, Floor boards, Pumpkin, Feather, Rocking Chair, Garland, Nail, Old ricrty ladder, old seat

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