Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Inspiration/Mood Board/Environment Exterior Garden

This is the concept page for what the garden should look like.
Objects to model included.

Trees knarly and twisting with leaves as the autumn arrives the leaves are swept of the path.


Leaves outside

Possibly some lights shaped as mushrooms for the outside. leading down the path.

Stack of logs, a lantern hanging outside the cottage, old wheelbarrow with apples in it, A log thats perched like a seat. A sign outside the door with something quaint on it. and wood chimes.

Window - Old farm house window with square windows and shutters.
This is the kind of cottage that I would like for this aniamtion Rustic very Hansel and Grettle. Stone path and big thick Chimney that stands pronounced from the building. Extremly pointy roof with wooden Jacobean slats around the house...16th Century type building ...very wonky....don't want any straight geommetric give it a real rustic charm.

This is the type of broom that the librarian will be sweeping with.

Possible trailing plant over the Cottage.

This plant pot would be nice hanging from a branch next to the cottage.

Wooden chimes to be hanging outside the door of the house

Environment - Exterior - Garden
  • Path
  • Broom
  • Leaves
  • Video of sweeping
  • Autumn leaves colours - photos
  • Tree
  • Log
  • Wheelbarrow with apples
  • Outside of House
  • Garden gnome

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