Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Render passes

Render passes for Shot 11>frame02

Master Beauty layer...

Ambient Occlusion

Shot 11 Test - ready to render

I prefer this render test as the shadow is more natural. The style of this animation is not for realism but stylised.

This shot was achieved by enabling shadows on the drop down menu in the UI and enabling final gathering and ray tracing. However the shadow is too harsh. Quite nice to emphasize the candle light that increases shadow formation.
Rise and shine give G the glory! Cool managed to get the textures and lighting working in the morning.....So all processors go to render shot 11....see you in a couple of hours.
What a day.....preparing shot 11 for render passes. Fortunately only one layer...what a nightmare....Maya was being stubborn today! rendering most of the night but had to admit defeat when every time I tried to apply the correct texture to a surface it would mess up the application or texture something else even when it wasn't highlighted. Also it was doing all kind of things with the lighting....My concern is the continuity with the lighting in scenes because rendering these shots lighting was playing up....I then decided OK maybe the computer is feeling like me....need some rest! So gonna catch a few hours sleep and get on it early in the morning....


Trying out render passes haven't tried render passes before so checked out a couple of tutorials to help me out. The best tutorial I found was Maya 2010 - Render Passes - Part 4 - Passes on you tube. Anyhow once you know how its pretty cool. It's taking a long time to render each shot. Varies from half a day to a few hours.

Selecting objects and assigning to render layer.

Layers used
Selecting layers

Creating passes and associating with passes used by contribution Map.

Selecting file name prefix:

Selecting the render layer and assigning the content. I then created some path contribution maps to link components to render layer to mental ray passes.

Selecting:Path contribution map-create path contribution map add selected 7 times.
Each contribution map I assigned different maps. diffuse, diffuse no material, indirect lighting, specular, depth, shadow, reflection.

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