Friday, 3 December 2010


Monday 24th January

Group meeting with David Bull.
After showing David the revised animatics with changes made from the last meeting I was so glad that we spent time with him as he gave us some fantastic valuable tips. david was pleased with the animatics. The following tips were suggested.
  1. Climbing down the ladder - To add a bit of hesitation by the foot stretching out to find the next step and to have a shot of the face look of shock as the step snaps from her weight.
  2. Ink pot fall - To add hesitation when the pot falls of the edge as the weight makes it fall.
  3. Shake - Lectern moves as the weight of the librarian slips and grabs hold of the edge.
  4. Quote - To add the quote from the bible at the end of the animatics as it whites out to bring it back to the point.
  5. To relate the ink from the ink pot relative to the doves. The ink pot will have doves carved into the holder. The inkpot will look old and embelished with doves. When the camera moves to the ink pot the ink pot will slightly explode/expand and a shimmer will go round the pot. This is a subtle effect to show the inkpot has some magical powers. Just a seed for the audience to know that the ink pot is special.

This is the revised animatics with more added to the beginning. Please see storyboard link for more information.

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