Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lighting Inspiration

This is the kind of glow that comes from the window. I would like. Lighting with fog in the evening.

Just looking at some texture ideas...I want the animation to look old with dust and texture...saturated colours burnt out. Quite grungy looking. And like its drawn...try out cell shaders to see what it looks like. Will need to take it into photoshop for a lot of the style.

This is the kind of look that I would like to go....Will have to speak to the lighting and texture guys see what they think...

After the last meeting I just want to go through the lighting kind of look for the animation.
We need to experiment with different texture looks but really want a burnt out look for the colours and to explore cell shading to see what the animation looks like in 2D.

This is an example of the reflections created by the candle glow and other lighting. The Lectern is made from polished wood. So the sheen of the objects on the table with the colours of the objects are important.

Environmental lighting just to show the kind of look that I want to go for inside the room. Warm caramel colours...

A good example of the light highlights and shadows from the candlelight. Chore which is around the hands, mouth and cheeks.....warm soft yellow, bright yellow, orange to brown......

I like the pinky tints merging with soft yellows and browns....

Candle light creates a warm gold glow on the book especially pay attention to the candle where the top his highlighted...custard/vanilla colour diffuses with bright yellow then dark orangyyellow.
This is an example of the kind of colours highlights and shades of the effect inside the room with the glow of candles.

Looking at lighting shadows and highlights from candlelight....Depending where the candle flame stands the glow creates shadow in the opposite direction. Highlights under the lids below cheeks under nose and top lip just under bottom lip and chin. Background dark emphasising effect.

Colours Warm glows reminds me of a glass of whisky....Dark Brown, orange, yellow, vanilla, lavender,indigo, browns shadows dark brown and indigo with highlights of lilac.....
Music video for 'Where Dream and Day Collide' by Madder Mortem, directed by Christian Ruud and Kim Holm

Madder Mortem - Where Dream & Day Collide from Toxic on Vimeo

I love the lighting in this piece. As the camera pans in to the window it gets clearer but the extreme hazy light angelic or ethereal in quality is exactly the kind of lighting I would like to achieve for the animation. I love the mix between highly 3D elements with simplicity of shape and style 2D of the character with exaggerated flowing hair. Contrast between nature and machine.

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