Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Inspiration for Eccentric Librarian and Owly

Owl Inspiration
Owl character of Bubu in Clash of the Titans. The owl switches from stop-motion figure and a mechanical puppet creation of effects technician Colin Chilvers. Bubu is used in Clash of the Titans when Zeus declares that Athena must give Perseus her beloved pet owl. Used as a helper. Pretty much what I wanted for my owl character used as the Librarians conciousness.
Soren is a young, adventurous barn owl who loves hearing stories from his father, Noctus, about the legend of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole', a legendary alliance of owls that are sworn to protect the Kingdom of GA'Hoole.

Eccentric Librarian Inspiration

Wendy Froud
An american doll-artist, sculptor, and puppet-maker, best known for her work creating creatures for the Jim Henson films The dark Crystal and labyrinth.

Illustrations are by Jean Baptiste Monge. I love the fairy/ ethereal quality of his illustrations. Jean Baptiste Monge is a French fantasy illustrator with a specialty in portraying the world of faeries, elves, goblins and related faerie folk.
Monges illustrations are extremely detailed and have a texture quality and subdued colour palette. suited to his portrayal of the denizens of the unseen world at our feet and the edges of our vision in lives of miniature on the forest floor.
I have been transfixed with this style of illustration and environment since I was a child and remeber often picking up books such as Beatrix Potter with its beautifully illustrated drawings of a world of enchantment and ethereal quality.

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